Let me introduce myself in the form of a writer…

I have been writing for pleasure over many years and yet it was not until January 2011, that I started on the venture of writing a novel.  It has been a great deal of fun, though filled with stoppages and distractions at many times along the way.  Even now I am writing as if I had finished my novel but alas, I have not!

As I get closer to finishing I can perhaps allow myself the distraction of blogging, to get to know you, my hopeful future readers and for you to get to know me a new novelist, with no mark on the world that should make a person stop and say “look”.  But, if I did not believe that I had a story worth sharing, this blog would be non-existent.

So of the book I can say that it is war based, it is set in the near future and brings into light the weakness of a great country, of my great country.  England is taken in violence from her own men, and the hierarchy that stands now, is destroyed.  A darkness set over the land…Will a light ever be in this place again?  Can England ever be thought of as great again?


My blogs will more than likely be short as I continue to finish up, but you will taste and see what there is to come…

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